all eyes on me

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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator neverknowsbest reject unrated
Created 2019-02-11
Last Modified 2019-02-11
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Description This was for a map pack that rocket_thumped made [] forever ago. I guess this was a rejected submission, probably because it was way too hard in its original form. I cleaned it up a little bit, but it's still crazy hard. A hint: the trapdoors do not really do much in terms of difficulty, but they do make parts of the map easier to navigate.

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Am I too late?
Am I too late?

i see.. okay you keep doing you then

you can review but not rate?


I think if you took out the mines and one-ways completely you'd have a really beautiful rocket level
apologies for the comment spam! hopefully it's obvious how much i enjoyed this ^_^

my only gripe is the entrance to the exit switch area; the movement everywhere else is lovely and fluid, but that one maneuver is quite awkward & tricky. just a nitpick, though, this was a grand old time.
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Demo Data

a tragedy, the most insipid of deaths
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update: that was a bizarre stroke of luck and i can't get halfway through it now haha! i'm actually having more fun trying to find a good path tho ^_^

first try agd O_O

i must be getting back into the swing of things! i gotta play some more, but first impressions are excellent; the gold enclosures are tense, but a lot easier than i feared they would be, and this tile pattern is outstanding.
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hope you're doing well, too!


goddamn that ending was tense.

Surprised it was a reject! V stylish map, and solid, if difficult gameplay.

Hope you're doing well xx
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