Strolling Through the Slums

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Author mezzoforte
Tags action adventure author:mezzoforte long unrated
Created 2019-02-23
Last Modified 2019-02-23
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Description This is the big project I promised a few maps back. As maps go, this one is rather enormous. Submitting while listening to one of Mahler's symphonies.

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Hi there

Unfortunately, sign-ups for the competition are now closed. I do think that considering all the factors that came up when trying to sign up, it might be best to wait for another contest regardless. I am sure there will be another NUMAcon eventually that you could participate in without needing to access the forums or Discord.
I'm sorry you aren't able to join!

I shall work on collab this weekend! Thanks for getting it started ^_^
Sorry about that first little bit. I suppose I didn't notice how hard it was, since I've been making this for about four months, so I had lots of time to play it.


a lot of this looks quite promising, but unfortunately the first squeeze is super tough for me and it's a spot of bother to do again and again. i'll check out the rest of the map in the editor when i have more time.

would you mind if i use the tiles at some point?

As far as I'll get

It's good, but the problem I have with long maps is always that it's infuriating to get this far exactly once in half an hour
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