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Author Hyteriux
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Created 2020-04-06
Last Modified 2020-04-06
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Description (thanks to Audrey for saving my ass once again with this nv2 conversion bs lol)
hey guys. been away for a while but I've missed this place a lot.

I just wanted to say thanks because I recently worked up the courage to apply to the Interlochen Arts Academy for music production and I ended up getting in which is insane, it's like one of the best arts boarding schools in the world and the fact they even accepted me or considered me at all for post-grad boggles my mind (I swear they were like drunk or something). A year or two ago I thought I had no future and was honestly convinced I would die before high school ended, whether by freak accident or my own hand. But N and NUMA specifically taught me so much about the artistic process and the various stages of artistry. It helped me fully realize my passion for creation with full validation that maybe what I made was actually worth something and that gave me a lot of hope.

I've been surrounded by music my whole life but it wasn't until recently I realized how much it truly meant to me. I was originally forced into it by my parents but so many years later it's now all I want to do. But I would've never gained the courage to learn and pursue music production was it not for y'all cause this site got me through a lot of tough shit. In the midst of me almost losing friends to suicide and myself to the same fate this always remained a part of my routine and was my main emotional and artistic outlet. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed spending hours making something then putting it out there and watching the feedback roll in whether good or bad until I started here. I found validation that if I made something and shared it with the world that there would be someone who would care and who would see it.

But anyways, sorry for the long spiel I've just been thinking so much about this site lately. Even though I joined during it's lowest period, I still found such a great community and experience and I just wanted to express my gratitude. I couldn't have done it without you people and NUMA, even as broken and dead as this site can be it's been everything to me these past years and I'm forever grateful for it.

love y'all <3
here's a map I was saving for the pack that might get finished at some point oops

from upcoming mappack breathe, breathe, breathe

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Sounds really nice, not being British but living in the UK I automatically rate folks who to look at the UK as well as just sticking to the US heh. Also on your page "I find reason in fog" it reminds me of a cool UK musician's album name "Slime and reason" -like rhyme and reason.
You know, I think haven't learnt to play an instrument (since childhood) because I couldn't settle on a timbre that I like, so I'm with you about going down the electronic route.
About being able to crunch numbers all day long -hah! that's how they lure you into the profession as if that if you think you can then you should join. There are people who already lived through all of it and made some good art showing us why we should stay away, like Dilbert, so for one thing I don't really see the point of me having to do it as well lol. But even so it might still be the right path. Another realisation for me is that I want to avoid over demanding middle class women (despite gene pool benefits) and that there's plenty of the luxury that we crave in nature. I mention it because I think it helps to pick away at these kind of tyrannical influences to be able to make a proper pros and cons list.


I thought your edits were always pretty cool, and I think as long as credit is given to original that reinvention and remixing should always be a welcome part of the artistic process! I’m glad to hear you are doing well!! I know a few people going into accounting actually, I could never do that myself haha I just couldn’t get myself to sit down at a desk and crunch numbers all day. Not my forte for sure haha. I’m sure whatever job you find that you will do great at it, and at least you’ve got the degree and the qualifications so now all you gotta do is find the right job!

I’m pretty open to making a lot of different types of music but i see myself making electronic music specifically UK hardcore, future house/progressive house, future bass/future pop, as well as maybe some indie stuff maintaining a lot of the synthetic elements in electronic music but applying them in something like indie. Also I’m hoping to also make more emotional and vulnerable music that’s more chill or passionate which touches the more acoustic/ambient side of electronic music

Oh cool, this makes more sense heh. I thought it could've been to do with my fkng up of the social side of N -with my reluctance towards online chat and me editing other peoples' maps for them plus on here probably annoyingly bigging up Nv2!
I tell you what, I've changed my mind since, I no longer think I was right to do the edits -but in complex way, I even toyed with the idea of starting a discussion thread about copying in the creative process, sharing my understanding of it. (I know ppl moved away from the forums to the chat lol).
Anyway regards, and yeah I'm well thanks, still trying not to "change" heh. I have a mediocre Accountancy qualification but I don't really believe it would get me to where I want to go (esp with technology on the up and tonnes of grads), so I've been trying to ready myself for a humble job, hopefully out of the big city but not somewhere sht, just incase I don't stick on the comfortable conforming route..
What kind of music are you kind of heading towards? Judging by what I see on YouTube there'll be a big interest in high quality music for a long time to come... as well as the less admirable kind of course.

ah sorry man

didn't mean to just been busy and distracted lately, i appreciate your support and nice comments. haven't been able to get on NUMA for a while been trying to finish out my senior year it's almost done though. I hope you are doing well!

It's rude to blank people you know.
And anyway wtf I thought we were friends back then, I spoke to you when I was playing your glass one way panel tree maps

three rocket launchers are overpowering, though
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I've always wondered how studying at a music school looks like. would love to do it one day (more likely in an alternate universe though lol)

also nice to see that you're still around here. I've always wondered about what is it that keeps so many people coming back. even though soon after I joined the community started somewhat losing momentum and people began to slowly leave, I still had a blast here. so many memories. all brought by this simple gray-scale game haha

I also sometimes think about how so many members of numa also make music; apse's comment kinda opened my eyes. I've never viewed making maps as art, but yeah. good luck with the school!

PS. I realise the irony of me talking of DOOM just as you happen to mention your art school prospects. But I think a lot of us are going to have to live on shaky ground, so it's worth making a point that we should hold our heads high regardless of our talents or how they are accepted ..but then that of course can get a man to go down the Hara Kiri route..
Anyway chin up let's have some ideas, I got one..

N Game University! is what I always say ..mainly alone to myself. Congrats btw :)

Hi dude, God I remember you, your maps. Actually I'm not back on N.. I wanted to make a thread on the forums to get the brains of N game to decide on some good or bad Corona virus protection for daily life, but I'm still locked out from Metanet Forums.
Could you maybe copy my thread that's on the kinda dead N2 forum on to the Metanet one just in case..


this looks kinda cool

love ya

great map

Bit faster AGD

Also, totally agree: re n/numa and artistic process. Still get amazed by the variety of styles, and the distinct character a single map or the body of work of an author can have.
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oh man

i totally agree with you. N helped me so much in that it honed my artistic process, which has helped me in my professional fields immensely. great to see other people have had the same experience.

also music + N is a very natural fit. both involve the creation of works using (usually) well-defined constraints and it is up to the artist to build something larger. much better than having a complete sandbox imo.


I know we haven't really talked much but it's awesome to see a lot of the same things that I appreciated about this community when I was 17/18/19 continued on after I took a long break.
Glad to hear things are looking good for you in the coming years. Congratulations on getting into the college you were hoping to!


That's awesome! I'm really happy mapping and this community helped you!
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Congrats man!!! That's wonderful.

Map's great too. Love the structure. The gauss at the end felt like a bit of a difficulty spike, but somehow that didn't feel so bad in the context of the rest of the map. I like that you're able to get the gold clusters in one jump but it takes a bit of finesse to do it.

(Congrats again!)
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