Rocket Ownage(Hold right)

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Author fusion
Tags author:fusion dda rated
Created 2006-01-04
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description My first HrKraDda, Hold right keep rocket alive don't do anything. Probly the second map on numa that you have to hold right for kradda. Oh, and for people who didn't see, !ITS A HOLD RIGHT!

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good work here have a 4th vote


Why did i only get 3 votes!
All the work, and i only got to people comments.


well done. Sick placement of those bounceblocks there.
you might wanna say that this is the first hold right kradda in caps



Oh yay!

Thank you, and cool, the first HrKraDda, this is also probly going to be the beginning of a new DDA revolution!
Nice job. I created the first hold left in Numa, and you created the first hold right. Good job.

That was for the idea. As for the map, there were many close calls for the rocket but barely any for N. The opposite of my hold-left KRA. But it was still very amusing. I especially liked the length. Overall, I give it a 4.5