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Tags action author:ravenclaw99 playable rated
Created 2006-03-07
Last Modified 2006-03-07
by 7 people.
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Description Got mad skills? Try all gold, fastest get's a prize. You might also get a prize if it's fastest without all gold, but I'll see. Contest ends March 13.

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I never would of guessed. Now I'll get into City Simulating again.... hooray! I just remembered how fun it is...


You have won a copy of Sim City 3000!

You have won!

GamingWolf2000, please e-mail me for your prize.

3 days

Won't be long now. Hehehehe

Gaming Wolf

Your in the lead.


here is my all gold demo
Demo Data


here is my all gold demo
Demo Data




can i have an 'honourable mention' then?

Very well then

Sorry kamikaze :P
This competion will be only for all gold, I only have one great prize. For more about this contest, go here:

uber fast

but i did stop the demo before it finished
Demo Data

Oh yeah.

Here's my really fast one. Hehehe
Demo Data
Well here it is.
Demo Data


I'll tell you the prize when the contest is over. You're not winning anymore anyway, xdude_rox.


Demo Data

All gold

Demo Data
a dedication is a map that you make for someone else that had completed your when you say fastest by a certain date wins a should give them a dedication. :)


I'm not sure what you mean by that.


Demo Data
Demo Data