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I haven't rated, I want to keep it that way, but, if I did, it would be 5. I noticed it ages ago, just didn't bother rating.

Anyway, make some maps!


the eyes are always in the middle of the head. ^^ =P

i really HOPE that youll get it better than this dragon ^^
something thats a challenge to beat (dont get me wrong, theres already a lot xD)

again i have something to work on. But:
1st im not working at it that intensive
and 2nd i dont know when i can submit it ^^'

Oh, and @sultan, try to make your comments less offensive. you do not have to use the language of others °^


OMG t3h awesomeness!! 5!!!


Poop. This is waaaaay better than yours, and second... do I go to top-rated N-art and see YOURS?! No. Third, you don't have bragging rights.

And Cossack, thank you. And... To_Hot_For_you, you are the one who doesn't have a life.

um yeah

my n-art is way better

@ sultan

its coz it was one of the first to be so majestic and to show the extent of N as an art making tool. it started a seemingly endless wave of dragon narts. it actually does look very good and it was a map of great debate between the haters and the lovers where some disliked it coz it was a dragon and said its just another one while others saw the skill and time put into it and liked it. (there were also random fanatics who just worshipped it :P)

and i agree with 7_2 - shitloads of comments :P


Look at it in invert!

But really!

I have a dead serious question: IT'S A FRIKKIN' DRAGON.
So why would this map be the center of spam?


I finally got this page to load on my computer! 5/5




Even though the annoying comments have already been deleted, I'm surprised at the amount of comments on this page.


800th vote by me



The art is great. I don't know how anybody makes KRADDA or N-Art. To all the lifeless nerds who spammed this page (especially the STFU guy), take the time that you spent spamming the page on a map of your own.


best N art i've seen eva! However... I think it can be improved on so i'm not givin a 5/5... sry...


thats still good...
and the fact that its not actually a map to play on - it still requires map making talent seeing as its still a map - if it was made in N with objects from N then it has to be a map. the view for all maps to be playable is very fashist and it seems that to you maps have to be playable or they arnt real N maps. what about DDA's then, or test levels? they not maps either?
And @ Jigger, your idea of N-Arts is completly off, there will ALWAYS be different uses of N besides the standards it was built for, so get over it.

To put it bluntly.


at the moment i have a lot of work to get my internet fixed again. Have to backup all my data (also a lot of pics xD). I dont know how long it will take.

It's good

...and Jiggerjaw has a point, maybe. You still took the time to make it, and it looks awesome.

(EXTRA: Certain People = Stupid! *cough* not news)


This was great...
But the comments page...
Was not...


One day i wish i was good at n arts. 1 billion out of 5

i wonder

if this will ever get to 800 votes or if people will finally give out.


great job

Far out...

i cant even draw that good in real life lol, 5aved

obvious 5/5


WOW! 5/5

hey SassyM

I have pressed play before.
N just explodes in a laggy fashion

stop the spam

I am a noob, yet even I know that there is too much repeating of the same words in this chat are in one dailogue box!!



Neither did I, funny...


Apart from all the spam and other crap covering this page, this is absolutely amazing. (5/5, Favorite'd)

-Shadow OX8
PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU DID THIS IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME PLEASE I LOVE IT.

Im sorry

<Deleted by moderator>


<Deleted by moderator>
The comments on this page would add up to, like, 500 pages of printed-out words, mostly spam. Such as STFU and CRAP repeated innumerable times.
I saw your comment about resubbing, and that might be a good idea, if only to get rid of the spam. This page is so huge that it crashes Firefox on my home computer.
That said...I don't have an opinion of N Art on NUMA, since this is a playable map sharing site, but you can't really show anyone else this thing anywhere else, right? And just for that point I think it's completely justifiable to post N Arts on NUMA, if they're this good, which none are except this one...and maybe My Hero.
It's weird to think, though, after all this time you have 750 votes and it's the ninth-rated map. After all this controversy over rating positions! Bitesize and positive feedback are really what counts.
Then again, I'd like to see how fast it gets rated if you happened to resub.
Think I've given my two cents yet?


possibly best..., no without a doubt, THE BEST N-art in history. looks like its drawn in the thumbnail!


the coments on this page make for one hell of a read. especially some of the more "constructive" criticism such as To_hot_etc..'s. i wonder if this will ever stop raking in the votes :P


great map i give it a 5 shame it takes to long to load

Awesome dragon

Dare you to press play ^^


For once it's on the 2nd top-rated page.