Meteor Shower

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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-11-21
by 35 people.
Map Data

Description Flying rocks, fireballs, and a malfunctioning laser defence system?
You'd better get into that bunker as quick as you can. Seems like a stray hit has scattered all the keys though...

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Terrific map! Very difficult!
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Just thought I'd post it.
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Well, good, but...

5 and fav from me, but I suspect many would like it better if it replaced some switches with gold.

he he

a revised demo, faster than before and also faster than trib's. :P
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Here's an all-gold demo, can anyone figure out a different route?

Nice speed demo trib4l, btw.
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Its a... record!
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Dancing with the rockets. Eep! Too hard for me, but I thought this was funny.
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It's unbelievably difficult, but it never got frustrating. Good work.

oh man

go to the forums man... its only the biggest contest running lately... you could compete in it... I figured everyone new what NTTS (numa time trial society) was...

well go to the forums>N comunity>contests>NTTS week 8




put that in the NTTS, it'll score amazingly


you get get my autograph later...
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Can't.... do... it.
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Lucidium, congrats! Your map is this week's NTTS map. And also, you've knocked me out of first place with it on the rating system! Good job!


amazingly fun, but really really hard man... people think I'm rocket crazy... great map though... I think it would played better with some random bounce pads in there....
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