the big mount-N

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 dda rated v1.3c
Created 2005-01-01
by 34 people.
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Description ha ha, get it? mountain? anyway, this will be my last map of 2004. its been a good year. the big N was just playing about, but then i thought i'd turn it into a DDA, hope you enjoy

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those are some pretty close calls you got there. I prefer the second one though.


i see your point. the reason it was there is because it was just there when there were some more objects there that i needed gold for, but when it didn't work out i got rid of it but just didn't clean up the rest of the gold afterwards.
great great great map but the gold thing is really big for me. i feel the DDA isn't complete if u dont get all the gold. no offense to u cuz this is a great map


good to see y'all liked it. mithril_silver, it's weird you marked me down for that, i thought you should mark me on the content of the DDA, not on a few pieces of gold that i missed. but thanks for the comments anyway


Like the title said! Easy, a 5/5! I can't imagine how much work you had to do to make to mountain!


awesome tileset and DDA but u missed some gold so i gotta take off.
srry 3/5


By far the best dda ive ever seen. Very very cool.

Awesome Sir



5/5, Very nicely done.


just noticed your time, its allready 2005 lol, its only 14:30 on the 31st of december 2004 here in England.