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Weren't you the one that always complained about oldies being featured?



It's featured!
Please feature the sequel too!
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That comment was a while back.

I will get to the end. I will.
I like the sequel [] more, but this is a great classic.
I remember being able to get to the third or fourth exit, but now I'm having trouble getting to the second.
Anyway, I just got to the fourth exit.
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I remember this...

I always ended up hitting the door when i didn't want to -.-


can already control my ninja.

This one is dedicated to and inspired by you.

This map /is/

my enemy. All it did for me was make me angry. No matter how much I try, I can only get to the second exit no matter for how long or how hard I try, that's all i'm ever going to get. ;(

That's cool,

I can't get much further than the third door lol

not that hard

but i like it a lot


Could'nt even get one!
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I'm in second on Nreality.
Im with Nexx.
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You're absolutely awesome! 5/5!


Is this supposed to be possible...
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for the great training level. Im still working on getting to the end though... 5/5


I don't know what your problem is, but you seriously need to shut the hell up. I've been a respected member of this community for a very long time, and randomly accusing me of cheating/FBFing just because you aren't as good as me is very irritating, considering the work I put into my demos.

By the way, 2 seconds is a pretty large margin, and also I watched your demo, and it's not that much worse than mine. You hit all of the craziest jumps just as I did, so I don't see how your accusation has any validity.

There's a lot I could say to further prove your immaturity and idiocy, but I'll leave it at that.

7/15 golden N's

I just can't get past this part (up the chimney to the 8th). If I could, I would probably have 14/15 golden N's. But I'm gonna keep trying...
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Here's a better example of what I mean.
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New twist...

OK, so I'm an average player and after getting about half way through this map I kept dying, so I figured I'd try something different. Watch my demo and you'll catch my drift. This will give all of you experts another challenge!
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:( i cant do it ):
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My best yet. :/
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@Sendy: watch this. It's damn quick and skillfull.

@Sammage: though my demo is much faster than yours, i liked it because you were honest and didn't cheat using fbf (i consider fbf cheating).

@Msyjsm: i feel sorry for you, you have to lie to yourself and to everyone else telling that you didn't frame-by-frame it. I took the work of going to your 3 levels posted and in ALL of them, not only you fbf but also you deny having doing it. You are laim dude, just say "i use fbf" and it's all good. Anyway, no respect from me.


PS: sendy, LOVELY level. Msyjsm you are so laim that your fbf demo that took you 4 hours + preparation is only 2 seconds faster than my 45 minute demo (WITHOUT FBF LOOSER!).
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my completion

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This is fucken map


Here's my demo.
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My first try

i think i got quite far ^^
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My farthest

So far
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cant get past 2

yeah, im a n00b.

5/5 and favd


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I made a sequel based on HUH?'s request.

This level

has to be the BEST mine training level for tight spaces i have played on Numa. Can you make one with slopes?
so I finished
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