Without Between

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Author topolord
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Created 2010-11-29
Last Modified 2010-11-29
by 8 people.
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Description I just suddenly felt like making a map.

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Charlie Samuels

You know him. That's crazy since he's right across the hall from me and a buddy of mine.

I really don't check this place much anyways and you probably don't either, but I thought I'd point it out. Awesome coincidence.

It has been awhile!

hasn't it?
What I was thinking about - and the direction I think I was headed in before I stopped making maps - was making levels with aesthetics first in mind. Mines, doors, chain guns; there are some objects I think are less appealing. Instead I want to focus on bounceblocks, jumppads, and the tiles themselves to create the challenge of the level.

decent run here, interesting map.
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Pretty epic

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bad demo

Demo Data
but it was cainda blank, empty
but mehh 3/5


Cool map.
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its been awhile. welcome back




Well hello there.

Welcome back to NUMA.

Welcome back.