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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 hard playable puzzle rated upwords
Created 2008-02-05
Last Modified 2008-02-09
by 7 people.
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Description It's a puzzle. I spent a *long* time working on the tileset. My best is about 100 frames... can you do better? Go!

edit: messed up the tileset a little.. thanks Nexx

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thanks. fixed it


I think your tileset is not completely correct. There looks to be two errors in the bottom right area. Just happened to notice.


I might make a bigger level based around this.. but I like it so far.
Great idea, but the level is just so tiny. But I'll give you the benefit of a doubt: 3.5.
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You rated my last kradda a 2. I'm sorry, mine and wizard2's. Look through recent ddas, and tell me for real that was below average.
My ddas might not be the best, but they are worth more than 2s. Maybe you should just watch it again and think about the work that went into it, or maybe you should try not to rate maps when you're in a bad mood.

That's why I don't like you.


I guess I'm not a numa nerd =D
Nice job everyone.
And why don't you like me bluenin?

And no, I didn't vote.
I don't like you.

Another tie

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good idea

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also tied, heh

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I can do worse.

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Sure man

I CAN do better!
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