Art of A-Void: Userlevels Edition

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Author nemetacyst
Tags author:nemetacyst drones fun hard rated survival
Created 2008-08-05
Last Modified 2008-08-05
by 6 people.
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Description (NReality)Its a ripoff of a previously popular survival of mine, but with the new greedy drones that give you gold. now its a survival that works in two ways, drones and time. i will probably need to tweak it to fit the new system better, give suggestions please

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pretty hard to keep track of all of them :( nice stuff though
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theres a blindspot where the drones cant see you well.
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pretty much indefinitely. A little movement here and there and you'd be almost untouchable.
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the greaddy drones make you lose time... intrasting 4/5

heres an okay demo

not great but good length
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though i had gold being given, but its actually kinda balanced like this...

id think less shock drones, gold given, lesser amount than is being taken...thoughts?
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Not bad

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Previous Version
was nominated for Dronies 06 best survival
wow thats old