Dungeon of dooms: Lost Treasure

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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver dda rated
Created 2005-09-17
by 33 people.
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Description Here it is small cramped space with a bunch of rockets and more importantly NO GOLD DELAY (2 pieces b/c couldnt find a way to fix it) kinda linear but really good i think check it out

also check out these maps as well
The way of N:
And Confine Spaces:
Rocket Mania:
Treacherous Task
The Chase

enjoy plz rate and comment

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there is a glitch in the data, after about 5 seconds all the objects stop working, you can move around, but only on the tileset

No way! He dies three times! 5aved!

cheats death!

once again, the ninja cheats death. nice


it wasn't that good. A bit quick and not a lot of close calls. 3/5 from me
But this DDA does something cool and unique. It is very original and, as coldcut said, crafty. I don't know how to make DDAs, so for me it's all about the style and look: 5 out of 5.

1 word



SCHOOL >_< i hate it i dont reallly have time to check out numa all im trying to do now is getting on every night and check out all the DDAs lol but i will right now since its a Friday

It's quiet. I like it that way. But not a single trap-door propulsion ._.
By the way mithril you haven't checked my maps for a while.