If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going

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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto easy playable rated
Created 2008-10-20
Last Modified 2008-10-20
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description There's a moral message behind this, but I'll leave what it is up to you to guess, then I'll pick the best one and pretend that's what I thought all along.

I've hadn't made a map of my own for almost 3 months before this.

Chuchill gave me the title, I believe.

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I cordially invite you to MassiveMappack-MOA []


you said on this map that i got it, as they say. who say that?:O i mean, really, i dont really know anyone that like me as an author, maybe a couple of maps just, but thats it, you know, so im just curios.

liked this map btw, i find it challenging yet very fun.

Slow speed

Demo Data
Check out this post [] and let me know if it's true of your NReality or not.

That was weird...

in a good way...

Faster AGD

Slight route change.
Demo Data

Fastest AGD so far

At first, I thought the gold placement didn't fit and the lasers were awkward. But in getting an AGD I warmed up to the map a bit. I still don't like the timing of the bottom laser in conjunction with the lowest gold piece on the left side. Taking the time to get that cuts the laser very close. I can understand highscoring obstacles, but that just seemed unnecessarily annoying to me. 3/5
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slow agd. I love the abstractness
Demo Data


I must admit the tileset looks kinda weird to me but the gameplay is surprisingly good
Demo Data

Pretty fun

Very good tileset as well. ^_^


I just realized I just posted toasters' demo again
Demo Data


AGD with completion demo posted
Demo Data

good concept,

and good execution. both the tileset and the gameplay are good, and they integrate well. 4.05/5

k dude :)

oh and btw thnx for AGD nice to know someone played my map haha :)

hey mam

I added you on MSN hope you don't mind.

do you have an msn or some type of IM i could easily contact you with?

Hey you won the AGD

for the map "Are they looking at me...?"
Comment back with what you would like in/on your tileset, completly customisable

Well done BE_nSPIRED

Fair enough

cheers for the comment

man I suck xD

funny little map, I didn't really get what you were going for
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