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Author Numby
Tags agd author:numby chainguns medium mines playable unrated
Created 2008-10-25
Last Modified 2008-10-25
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description RCE. :D

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I'm impressed I got sub-400 last time
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Sub 400 AGD

Really nice concept.
The chainguns provide just enough threat to keep you on your toes throughout the map.
I love the multi-pathed-ness of it.
I thought the difficulty was fine, since it allows me to concentrate on speed, rather than surviving.
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its good i like it... i hate chainguns so much. 4/5 :)

loil numbyu it seems you won the comp :S the next 2 maps i make will be a ded to you :). the rces will be coming this arvo :)

Much better route.

Two hundred frames better, matter of fact.
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that was awsome!!

agd :)
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...was just a really, really addictive map. It took me a solid half-hour, but it was a tense, amazing half-hour. =P Can't wait to see more like it, and more like this one, they're great.

Thanks =)


Yeah, I think maps with mines as the main threat to the ninja will be a recurring theme in my next maps (I make maps irregularly, I'll release a few maps in hours then not make a map for a few weeks). They seem to be working well for me. I'm not really into fully fledged minejumpers, but sort of like the ones I've currently been doing.

By the way, you're really good at playing N. I knew getting an AGD on Undefined was possible, but I didn't think anyone would get it as quickly as you did. :P Except for maybe Meta_Ing.

Comment blitz =P

I'm not returning the favor out of a feeling of obligation - I'm returning it because I loved the feeling of Undefined and this map a lot. I've seen some sweet maps and I'm looking for some crazy gems in your previous stuff =)


A little too short for me, but it was a great balance of action and difficulty. Impressive map. Just too easy for me. 4/5. AGD attached.
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