Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell

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Author autosurfer
Tags author:autosurfer playable rated
Created 2008-11-19
Last Modified 2008-11-19
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Lovely title.
DED to fastest demo.

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damn, took me a while.
Why thank you, all the better to kill you with, darling


Ain't it time for you to come back with sparkles and stuff?
I miss your maps.... Somewhere.

Ah, I didn't really said good bye did I?

Well, Good Bye mate. Have a happy time! ^^


dude! you came back for a very short time! make a new map...

anyway, yeah, you got deleted :(--you went away and i was sad.


Only, what happened to the aesthetics?

lovely tiles!

ah well, pity you're leaving.

oh fine

just up and leave on us.

ill miss seeing one of your maps here and there.

ole flag is me!

yeah, features aren't feasible for me either.


well, if you really have, thanks for telling me. it's been good.

if you drop by, search up ole flag!


i didnt think it was that great. But there were many clever nuances to it, such as the 2nd rocket and the drone.


Es un poco difícil pero a la ves muy original, manejas bien el diseño.

Olle nescesito preguntarte unas cosas de N, me podrías ayudar ¿en el Correo? Es ese es el Correo mío agregame y te pregunto unas coas de N que aún no las tengo claras.


you'll maybe receive the DED


...faster i thought you meant AGD at first so i kept trying to get a faster one...great racing potential in this map for sure...5/5 easily...
Demo Data


And you haven't left!!! WOOO!!!!!!
Demo Data


said it, I hate it too.


my bad. i hate it when people do that to me.


you're right.
What about a rate flagmyidol?

4. you haven't left.