Behind Blue Eyes.

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Author 21_Seconds
Tags action author:21_seconds rated
Created 2008-12-14
Last Modified 2008-12-14
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description No one knows what it's like.
To be the bad man.
To be the sad man.
Behind blue eyes.
And no one knows what it's like.
To be hated.
To be fated.
To telling only lies.

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i win

pretty sweet map
Demo Data


it's all been said
nicer than your newest, for some odd reason.


It really means alot that everyone is commenting. Thanks Riobe.


You used the space in this so well. Especially the chimney on the right side. The rocket was perfectly placed, and the gold was placed greatly just as well.

You're one of my favorite authors (I have a link to you on my profile so I can check out your new maps).

I delisted a bunch.

Oh and I wouldn't really say talented, but if you think so: Thanks!

@ destiny

I can't believe this is one of his first maps.

-or he had done this before and is talented
-or he is just talented

Good to see people like you on numa
Maybe you should make a really crappy one to mix it up ;D 4/5


there you are :P


you have understood what moves and jumps are possible, and used locked doors to block off the necassary spot, rather than impede progress. I like that a lot ^^

5/5 from me - you are very talented for a newbie :D
Demo Data

Thanks everyone

This is one of my favorites =D
I'll post a demo whenever I do...

This is sweet!

I love the flow and gold placement on this. It's very nice.

Tell me, who the fuck are you????


simple yet awesome

prety fun