Too Good To Be True

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Author RandomDigits
Tags action author:randomdigits chaingun medium nonexistent rated rocket
Created 2009-01-08
Last Modified 2009-01-08
by 9 people.
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Description The first AGD gets a kite!!!
Absolutely no strings attached.

I tried to make it easier than some of my recent maps.
Speedruns, AGDs, demos of any kind are welcome :)
RCE this, I RCE you. (And please rate too. it's not that hard really...)

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Also on nreality
Corner jump :)
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I invalidate my argument >_<

Yes it is?

Also, nitpicking, its called a map rating group for a reason :P

I will give kisler

a DED though.

My route:

Your AGD should get the kite by the time it becomes sentient.
You'll need to buy some string though.
Demo Data
Demo Data

No gold

That was good, I didn't collect any gold. What do you think, did I go well?
BTW, 3.5 (4) is my rating for u
Demo Data


AGD + kite get
Demo Data

Yes it is

This wasn't bad; two complaints:
1) The chaingun didn't work with the theme. A laser would've been better imo
2) The left side felt really empty
Apart from these, a solid level, so 3.5/5


where was the fun part? 1/5 only good thing was the rocket (actual rate 0.6/5)