Aerial Energy Harvester

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Author tktktk
Tags ampersand author:tktktk featured legacy playable rated
Created 2009-01-14
Last Modified 2009-01-14
by 39 people.
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Description From Ampersand. Let's fly away together, adrift on the winds.

This map was featured on 2010-12-27

tk3 named this map Aerial Energy Harvester, but that seems far to mechanical to me. The structure he created is vital, organic -- yet fragile enough that a gust of wind is quite clearly blowing it away.

The harvester is adrift, yes -- but it has a tenacious, headband-wearing passenger. This unwanted passenger is going to work his stealthy way into the intricate bowels of tk3's creation. And that simple journey, in and of itself, is enough to create a classic map with equally unforgettable gameplay. — flagmyidol

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It was interesting that you mentioned that the structure looked organic rather than mechanical, flagmyidol. A lot of the inspiration for this aesthetic comes from Hayao Miyazaki's anime film Castle in the Sky. The floating isle in that film, Laputa, contains a combination of organic and mechanical parts.


Like the ballon from Aeon Flux :\

Still, awesome.


Looks great,

but it's just too impossibly hard for me. 4 for the artistry.

Lovely map

And a very nicely written review


it's been half a year. You are obliged to AGD!
based on the date of the map/my comment below. I remember not being able to pull off the jumps but now I can, even if the demo is slow. Faved, though I have already rated it way back when.

Good pick flag :)
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I want to download &.

Sunset's correct. Apologize for the typo; comes not through ignorance but haste.
And most of my favorites from legacy at large are in &. I distinctly remember playing this for the first time, can't say many maps stick with me like that. Absolute gem.

about time.


It's ok.

See above...

I remember this map. Still can't beat it.

This is one of my favorite maps. I hadn't read tktktk's comment toward the bottom in a long time, but I just did and what he said and what I wrote dovetail nicely. I'm happy.
and thought to myself 'that is impossible I will never be able to do anything like that' that was about 9 months ago and looking through my favourites I found it coming back to it I found it easy took about 10 minutes to beat how things change. Maybe I'll come back in half a year and agd it :)
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The gameplay I don't like as much. D: Regardless, still strong 4 from me.

great map.

I'll give a 5.
And I got your demo back to life, in btw;)


click on the black ninja to turn it gold

how do u favorite a map?


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this map was not an exception. I did notice anything particularly spectacular. The standard jumper map.
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My least favorite

from your Ampersand maps on NUMA.


this is too good.
I wish you guys had released the ampersand maps properly. Guess I should go find the maps then if they're all this great.


5aved. Spectacular.
It seemed very fiddly, not my type. It looks lovely though.

my second try. i thought i got pretty far.
very nice map, brilliant concept. nothing much to say..
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nice map

it just turns me on



SHIT, its tktktk!

the gold looks

like wind is blowing it away
can you check out my recent map?


sexy. just like wulfgang said. except i can get past the second jump ^^

just not the drop down ;_;
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Just a quick note on the style. "Skypunk" as a genre doesn't exist, to my knowledge; most of the elements that would be a part of it are contained within steampunk. Nevertheless, that's the sort of aesthetic I was working toward here. My intention was to create something that conveyed the surreal feeling of flight, in all its beauty and danger, and I was pleasantly surprised with the result.
sorry for advertising but its experimental and I'm hoping for feedback before I'm off to bed.

I love this

but it is too hard for the majority of NUMA, so I wouldn't consider something like a OMGZ NOES TINKERS R THINKING OF FEATURING AGAIN!




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map. AGD
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