05~3: Baker Street

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt flowy gtmap-pack gtmspecial rated variety
Created 2009-01-28
Last Modified 2009-05-13
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Took someone's advice and stood back from mapping a bit. This is what I got. Also, ratings enabled seeing as I can't see any changes I should make for the time being.

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great! 5aved!

"Fairly maturely?"

You kidding? "wanker"? Really?

Anyway, GTM, expect lots of comments from me in the next few hours--I have to figure out your "style" for ganteka's comp.

By the way

This is the Rate Exchange.
The enemies are placed in the right spots and the difficulty varies in different parts of the map. Great job. This deserves a 5.

Sub 700 AGD

This was a rediculously fun map. It flowed well, had good difficulty balance, and was just overall fun. That's what maps are supposed to be for right? 5/5
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Sub 700 AGD

This was a rediculously fun map. It flowed well, had good difficulty balance, and was just overall fun. That's what maps are supposed to be for right? 5/5
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Anyway, this was still very much old GTM both in the play and the look, although admittedly I did have a good time trying to find a route through the enemies. The NaN'd chaingun bothered me, mostly just because I don't like doing that but otherwise it was quite solid. I think it's worth about a 3.5, but I hesitate to rate because it's part of a pack. But if this was an attempt to be more experimental, then I think you still need some more time or practice or something.
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Thanks you two

For reminding me what I wasn't missing about being a mod on NUMA.

Fortunately you both handled it fairly maturely, so I don't have to go on a rampage and delete posts. I would like to hope it's over now. Any further comments look like they'd spiral into a flame war.

NUMA Moderator
What? I've hardly been around here that long. My first map was a month or two ago...and I was playing numa maps for a while before I joined, but even so.

Anyway, in order.

You admit to plagiarizing atob earlier. As far as I can see, this boils down to you saying I was right, therefore proving that I wasn't trying to take you down a peg. Just honesty at you being a glaring hypocrite.

Finding the good side to things does not mean giving out continually good ratings. I've seen your comments on nearly every map, you'll say some vague stuff, and then just give them a 4. Why? They can't all be good, or above average for that matter.

Someone with over 250 maps is not a noob, so you must be doing something wrong not to have been 'noticed' by the more experienced users.

"All you've proved is you like trying to bully people into corners, gauging their reactions and coming up with some show-stopping insults to get them to back down from their opinions. " Aw, shucks, they weren't that show stopping. But, er, strap on a pair and get over it. I'd do exactly the same face to face. There was some lovely faux-intellectual vocabulary being thrown around in your post, though. Which was fun.

And, yes. Arsehole.

By your analogy

You are saying that you are a professional plagiarizer. Way to go. I'm just calling you out on your bullshit. You think you know it all don't you? You suck up to all the right people, you spew out unerring praise all over the place whether it's deserving or not. Ever wondered why there is always a clutch of new faces ready to jizz all over your maps? But they're almost never any of the old faces, the ones who have been here a while and know the difference between good original maps, and knock-off imitations.

You seem so desperate to climb some sort of popularity ladder, you don't notice what a complete wanker you've become.

P.S. Nice work sticking up for Radium too, it must be warm so far up his colon,

I take it you

would say that an alcoholic would be the most qualified person so criticize another alcoholic then? No. This is a pot kettle situation.

As for 'lecture', it's a figure of speech you cretin.


very fun map, I liked all agd except for the gold below the chain, very nice mine/enemy placement, made it very fun! Very nice work on the tileset, reminds me of somebody, speed demo:
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Oh yeah

As for a more detailed analysis, I think that the rocket was nice. Chaingun didn't play as much of a role in the gameplay as I thought it was, which was a pleasant surprise. I still think that it played a good role though. The gauss was the easiest enemy to bypass, but was a bit of a pain if you screwed up when trying to get to the exit door (which is a good thing). The gold was well placed, the mines looked good, etc. My only main problem with the level is when the rocket follows you into the chaingun area, which form a formidable team when together. But I'm sure that couldn't be helped anyway. :)

That's why I rated it a 4 in the end. Good job!


I stopped making maps for a month once. :)

The map is nice. 4aved.


yes :P


Typo, meant to say thanks for the rating :)

I did rate.

I was the only one.
I'll probably map at this rate for a while, now. Feels more comfortable. Thanks for that awesome speedrun, amlt. :P Oh, and the rating Nphasis.
Wow, when did everyone stop cranking out 1 map a week, tops?

Bah, died right at the end:
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Very fun 5aved

The enemies are in just the right spot. You didn't put the mines in annoying places this time. Yoy


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Fail speedrun

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