Eye Of The Telescope

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags author:guitar_hero_matt fun mines rockets toasters unrated
Created 2009-01-24
Last Modified 2009-05-13
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Description See, this is what I'd love to see from toasters nowadays. May or may not include in the edition, doesn't feel very mappackish. But I certainly like it more than my last :) See delisted archive for details.

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I love your maps.

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This looks great.

I didn't like the enemy choices much though.
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Woulda been 4.

Rocket dodge:
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I really like the bounceblock area.
In the exit switch room, the rocket was kind of hard to dodge, Other than that, pretty good.
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I still don't like the bottom one, but w/e. Btw, I saw a comment you wrote on PNI's map that was upside-down (and I could read it :P). How'd you do that?
Depending on your approach, at least that's how I found it.
I just said there was too much of it here. Maybe you could've made one of the rocket sections completely optional (only for AGD)
At least for one of my maps. It would have been boring if it were too easy; then it'd have nothing going on it.
it was too intense the whole way through imo, even from the very start. Low 3/5


its just so hard being away aye


From the mines, to the gold, to the tiles and the rocket o_O

Congratz to your cousin, for just being your cousin. o_O
I hate your names, both of yours. People make way to long names, I hate having to type them all the time. And if they are hard to spell that doens't help either. eg. Losttortuga.
That map seemed to me to be a rare occurrence of atmosphere in one of my maps, and frankly you may not see that style of map from me again. Looking at my archive I can see three or four phases of mapping I've gone through, and I can safely say this current style I have going probably won't stay long either. Branching out and pushing boundaries is something I strive to do, whether or not I'm successful or well received, because it's just something I like to do.
I had other some stuff to say, but this post is long enough as it is, so I'll PM you ^^

Death demo.

I'm curious, what exactly am I doing differently now that you don't like, or what did I do before that you did like?
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this is super generic, even if it's well built.

Just seems too familiar, borrowed, or too inspired by specific NED styles. Like all of your stuff you've never really crafted your own feel.

I guess there's only so much room before things start repeating, and who's to say you wouldn't have found this style if certain authors had never been here. Who knows, really? I guess it's not worth bothering over...

*glances up*

Too late I guess :p

Just wanted to show

that you can get back up :D
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i like

how you always have a rocket on you 4,also i think i found out a new glitch can you check it out plz

i like how the rocket(s) is/are always on your ass, but the tiles give you just enough to escape.

Oh yeah.

Faved anyway. :)


Playing with the rockets was fun. I think there should have been something like a 4 tile in the bottom left corner of the map so that you could get back up to the original area (though I can tell that you didn't want the ninja to be able to get back up to the original area, so no points taken off for that). I did love how I could manipulate the rockets easily, and how satisfying some of the jumps were. I also like how you didn't let the map stray on, because then all of that rocket dodging would be really annoying. Overall, I liked what you did with the rockets, and although it's not the best looking map in the world, you did a good job with the gameplay.



I liked it for the most part. Could you explain what didnt work with it so I know what changes to make?
ruins the map...


Forgot again about the ratings.
but i doubt it
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Woah, that's hard.

Yet rally awesome. 4