voyage to mars

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Author Ncouraging
Tags 17pogitm author:ncouraging ncouraging rated
Created 2009-02-27
Last Modified 2009-12-15
by 9 people.
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Description remember, this is the game where u have to guess what each letter of the title represents. REMEMBER the clue for everyone of these is located in the map.OH YEA ded to technochocolate

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good point

my maps are similar, but every once ina while I like to try something new, even if it doesn't make its way to NUMA. Most of the time, my tries don't get good feedback, but oh well.

You actually gave me the ded? I know I wasn't right, and that there was no real answer, but thank you.

Oh yeah, the map *plays it*
I honestly found nothing wrong with it. the 2 & 3 tiles was a great hiding place from the rockets until you manages to get up to the blast doors. The laser drone was well placed imo, the chaingun drone was too. It was just a little difficult getting back after the exit switch. 3.5/5 (4)
a lot of authors make similar maps every time. Good to see someone else who thinks diversity is important :)

lol honestly

i didnt think this was that good either, but i just wanted to try out some new styles.
but it just seemed too off. The rocket and laser were fine, but nan'ing the chaingun was a bad call imo; it really didn't present much of a threat. I didn't like how the first half was harder than the second half either. I wasn't really a fan of the weird changes in tiles. One thing that I did like was the gold. That oddness paid off. I think you make some great maps, but this isn't one of them :( 2.5


idk why i put the 2 and 3 tiles there.... they're just there

i really liked

the tileset in this map. i like these types of tiles. and the chaingun mixed in with the laser i found very fun. but srsly, what were those 2 and 3 tiles doing there? 4/5

i was just

trying out a new style


this is one of those maps that seems to break all the rules of mapmaking, yet somehow, it is still fun to play and creates it's own atmosphere.
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Nice map

the triangles in top right were weirdly placed (were you intending to add something there?). 4/5

the launchpad?





how is this possible?


wow! excellent map, no hiding spots, very up pace and chaotic gameplay, faved
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