Pathological 2 - Moondog Accelerator

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Author chume14
Tags accelerator author:chume14 moondog pathological playable rated teleporter
Created 2009-04-12
Last Modified 2009-11-29
by 18 people.
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Description Cool map see demo cause It would be hard to work out.

No launchpads were used in the making of this teleporter.

Reposted because I love it and the last time it got 1 rate

(made a couple of changes also)


Pathological 1 - By Roads and Rivers []
Pathological 2 - Moondog Accelerator []
Pathological 3 - Nefarious Circuitry []

no. 32

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One of the most intriguing map in terms of technicality in nmaps.


Incredible, this is really incredible :)


map nithing bad about it 5aved.




totally AWESOME!!!!!!!


I mean it's purely perfect, so much with the concept maybe?
but other than that, a great map.
but this is just amazing,

mhm 5aved fer sure

Just so you know

I used to be cheesemonger and this is my new profile.


is sick... 5/5


pretty hard but pretty fun. Only saw the end from the demo and... what the hell?

agree 100%

with Meatpuppet.


not more people saw this


I didn't really see any point in submitting a demo, since I never got close to finishing it and you've already got a completion demo. If I posted a demo, it would just be an embarrassing death >.<

Thanks guys

and thats quite a selection of concept maps you've got there cheesemounger I shall play them all in time

no demos? more comments ?


These were some of the maps that came to mind when playing this: [] [] [] [] []

Enough tricks and techniques to sustain a dozen maps, and yet you've somehow managed to use them all in one map. I have no idea how that bit at the end works, although I'm guessing a lot of thwumps. I like this a lot as you've probably already gathered. In terms of pushing the boundaries of n, you're probably only equalled by lordofpeanuts...
This reminds me of some other maps as well, I'll try and dig them up for you.


very complicated.
But,nicely done.
And,very detailed.
And,prisoner ftw.
Its also possible to do it via routes 123 and 132 if that makes sense as well as with or without the agd extension of the prisoner section and smaller route changes.
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