11:20 at night

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags at-night author:meta_ing race rated
Created 2009-04-22
Last Modified 2009-05-25
by 7 people.
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Description Part of my "at-night" race series. I don't have time to write a full description tonight, so I'll write one tomorrow.

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Demo Data


Demo Data
stuff you should edit:
the mine at the top put it a c-snap left.
were the launchpads are centre-left, when you jump to go on the diagonal, put gold there cause sometimes i always forget to jump :(

2 frames slower AGD

this time i did it
Demo Data


Using the slight innovation at the end.

I suppose that could count teraza; you almost completed it.
Demo Data

this was awesome

so action-packed!


this must count AGD
Demo Data


got that gold piece you didn't get
Demo Data

all i can do

im getting the flow now
Demo Data

The beginning requires way too much precision compared to the rest. I've only gotten past it once, by luck.

this was tough >_<

u should make more of these though...
i think the drone timing could have been better though...for if you go too slow.


first completion - missed the same piece of gold...
Demo Data

Flow demo

I missed a piece of gold but whatever.
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