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Author ultimatereading
Tags annoying author:ultimatereading bouncy rated
Created 2009-09-22
Last Modified 2009-09-23
by 15 people.
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Description my 29th map wots more to say have fun and plz rate.

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tiles remind me of a map I just made.........but thats beside the point, awesome overall 4/5

i love

faved annd 5ved. nice 39th map.

Nice tile-set

and I like the use of launch-pads seekers would have been better but still good.

I play almost every single map that comes up. I comment only a hanful of them. Usually the good ones, but there are exceptions. Of course you've gotten better, but sometimes I'd rather play a well constructed map over a glorified map.

I improved my agd but the starting still isn't fast enough.
Demo Data


Tileset seems really cool. I liked the gameplay. At the starting i thought that's a really hard map, but i noticed it is not. Watch my demo and see, this map is funny.

Laser drone placed perfectly. Gauss launchers were not bad.
I loved this map.

Demo Data
the launchpads and gauss are nice too, but you HAVE to playtest your levels. Also the gold was a little boring. Try finding a pattern and sticking with it throughout.

rather nice

i like the use of launchpads... the other objects are tougher though. =P


Rated 4/5 for good effort but you can't WIN.
why dont u take some seker drones in the drone area :]


u realy should playtest this map!!!!!!!!!!!

you are starting

to get the idea of a tileset