A tight Squeeze

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Author ultimatereading
Tags annoying author:ultimatereading gold mines rated
Created 2009-09-26
Last Modified 2009-09-26
by 22 people.
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Description I really hope you like this map it took me ages!! 31st map still no dda's even though i love them. plz rate and comment. (All the gold is gettable)

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stolen title []
and I don't see why given all that space you put the door-key and exit-key right next to each other you might as well not have the door or put the keys in different places
yeah ive played metallica before, I commented on it.

congrats on 11 ratings. though it seems weird theirs onle a few comments O_O.


later today


i gotta go, ill check out the tiles later.

Yeah but my 4 wouldnt have affected 4 fives so obviously not everyone voted a 5.

Repetitive but clean. Nice. 3.5, rated up.


it is rather fun. Try to vary the gameplay a little bit, and maybe vary the tiles more too. anyway, nice work.