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Almost got 50 rates

and screw it, I rated anyway.
worse and worse with each generation. =P

and sorry jawbit, i can't =)
They're that group.

Entei, scuicine and raikou are another group.
lol. the only pokemon I had the patience to train to lvl 100 was rayquaza. He rapes.


moltres is betr

what smc might say... maybe... =P
That's what I would say if I was SMC but as fbf I say its "f"-ing amazing 5faved!!!


awesome wbc ;D


I remember the day

I got Pokemon red, I must have been 13 or so. Man I couldn't have been happier. This is very good.



this looks also awesome in full size :D
it's fantastic. 5.


I'm so glad this got the respect it deserves. Although I wouldn't say its flawless, ya got pretty f**kin close kid.


and yep!

we gotta succeed in my 4th goal people! =]


thanks Geej, and jslimb for your very entertaining displays =D =D =D

and it is ho-oh, and the other one is Lugia, also flying. ho-oh has some green, which is difficult i think, because it needs blue and gold... and orange is easier because red/yellow mines and gold is roughly the same size.

& @ mcky ... lol ;D

Wow! This is...

just amazing! I never seen this awesome n-art before.


OMFG If this scale allowed it i would rate 100/5. Not only do i fucking love Pokemon. But thhis was perfectly executed in the thumbnail. it looks absolutely flawless. it even looks fucking amazing in the full screen. My favorite part was the orange of the feet. Well done sir. VERY well done
but awesome. I don't think it needs another 5, though.

it's ho oh click me []

I think it's hootoo

I liked the silver's legendary pokemon better, but Ho oh is a bird.

We've got to fulfill your 4th goal

Make ho oh or whatever that one is. This crazy bird thing from the second pokemon

Very nice

This is

EPIC, although i feel the beak blends in too much with his foot.


its on my profile, including this one. ;D


one of the best narts ive seen in full view.

and you should sub that list of pokemon that you have done onto your profile page
....just an idea...
for the ds.. Heart gold and Soul silver...

im not getting them though, because i already have platnium version, the newest one released. its where i got my zapdos. ;D
because after you beat the silver world you went back to the blue/red/yellow world, and got to do that.

actually the thwump

was inside a nail... i took it out so the nail was the light grey color.

& wow, those games sound very old.. blue, red, yellow... so simple sounding names ;D


One thwump Missed...
It probably got Nan'd

5/5 definately. I had a gameboy like a month ago with pokemon blue. My mum took it away...

There's pokemon blue, red and yellow. All the same setting and plot and all of that but some pokemon are not caught on others. For example, in pokemon blue only pinsir can be caught. He cannot be found in red and yellow.
& pratically impossible to get the color right though...

tileset maybe ???
Golem is an awesome looking pokemon


You really got it right.
Only 2 more left.
Charizard []
Jolteon []
Articuno []
Pikachu []
Moltres []
Zapdos []

a list of my other pokemon n-arts. Charizard and Jolteon are the best of the list i think. Most are really old n-arts, so their not amazing. I was really surprised when i saw that my original Zapdos n-art was my fourth map!

I have started other ones.. magmar, and flareon, but i got rid of them both a long time ago. =(