trapped below

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading below rated trapped zcollab
Created 2009-10-20
Last Modified 2009-10-20
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description this is a collab map between me and ZTHING. i think we did good on this map i hope you like it to.
This is my 40th map!!

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amazing gold placement and design but there's too much of it, i think 1 lazer is plenty. I suggest you start learning to beat your maps before you play em, not saying that theres anything wrong with them, but beating your own maps is a great way to playtest them. 3


i kept getting pinned by the lazers and the rocket/gauss
great map, 4/5

I use

IRC to my advantage :P
Plus some rate and idk who they even are lol.

Awesome map! 5/5


Absolutely 5aved. This is one of the most insanely awesome-est maps this onlooker hs ever seen.


Didn't you want to do a collab map with me awhile back? I'm waiting for those tiles...



and, you have no unrated maps

a great

map 4/5 awesome :)

I edited the gold placement, so that is kinda my fault.

At least the map went over well.

my rate

put it back on the hotmaps page ^^

awesome map!

agree with jawbit ;D

nice job guys

only complaint is that gold is a bit inconsistent. Great gameplay, 4/5


I like it
Realy Nice


really nice, im approaching 40 myself, you and zthing should collab again. 4/5
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we back to 4/5 :(
back to 5/5

I no well

annoyed >[
hmm, someone sniped..........oh well

yep it

was nice working with you :) we should totally do another one sometime :)

I think we did well together


do you no if you rated all my unrated maps all my maps would be rated lol

actually a 5

cuz i didn't want to break the streak lol XD


1st try completion nice map
Demo Data

+4.4 Rounded



needs one more vote. anyone want to step up?


martidor :)


agd is too hard xD. The lasers are kinda annoying but besides that it's real fun to play ;D
like the tileset.



speedrun ZTHING


Demo Data

congratz on 40

10 more till 50. The thumb looks good. I will play it now.


this map is amazing!! congratz on 40th map this is a solid map 5AVED.