I'm going round the block

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading mines rated squares
Created 2009-10-18
Last Modified 2009-10-18
by 21 people.
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Description this is possibly one of my best maps I really like the tiles i think my object placement was crap but we will have to see. ded to viil a great friend.

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you really have to strain for that gold. :)

Fun! 5/5

Very very fun

5/5 going to try for an agd now
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for rating my maps :) rally appreciate it :)

i win

fun 4/5

we could call it "Trapped Below"

sure, go ahead and post it. add the tag zcollab for me.

great dude!

i love it. awesome. ur best map yet. 5/5 faved

its great how simple but detailed your maps are! tileset is perfect :)

i would say this

is my best map yet would you agree?


the object placement was sub-par, and the gold was all that attractive, but the gameplay was excellent, especially with the first gauss.

sorry for the late reply, but yeah, go ahead and post the collab tommorrow (Monday) in either the morning or the afternoon. Also send me the link to it on one of my maps.

Also, here's the link to that "Broken Mosaic" map of mine that you wanted:
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Great Map!

5/5 hands down! Great challenge! Very Fun! :D
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the curves i made in Odoriferous were just parts of circles, all put together. To make small circles, you need c snap on and to make those nice curves (lol) you need to do a certain pattern, like place a mine, then go up, up, left, and place another mine, then go up, left, left, then place another mine, then go left, left, place another, etc. Hope that helps!
Overall, the there could be more, but a 4/5 from me. I rated.





thanks for

you comments i would like to see some AGDs :)


great map 4/5

very well done

a rather nice map... objects were better than what your going at ;D

Quite good

I have to agree wih max841 on object placement though, it could've been a bit better. I think you went a little overboard on the gold, but that's entirely subjective.


wow good

map tiles were amazing!!! object placement was average 5aved from me.