Meta Mapper's Block

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing meta-mappers-block tileset unrated whatwouldametamapbewithoutaridiculuouslylongtagsuchasthisquestionmark
Created 2009-10-21
Last Modified 2009-10-21
Map Data

Description I may have an idea for a map now, but for some reason I felt like submitting this anyways. You can use it if you want I guess.

Ratings disabled because this isn't really a map.

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Sorry I meant, not the fun.


Not the game.
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eheh ok.

Fun time's over now.
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Demo Data

500 frames
Demo Data


501 frames
i like the tiles
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Demo Data


Demo Data

Looks nice

You did a good job with the text.


sorry about that, i originally dedicated this map to you but i later delisted it, and i forgot to re-dedicate my resubmitted version to you, my bad. if its any consolation, my next map will be a dedication to you, sir.
everyone is there for the time being

port # = 6663
can you connect?


the initention was supposed to be made for high scoring. thats why the tileset is the way it is.

i love the text

and how you ended the long tag with "question mark"