quit whilst your ahead

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading drones gold mines rated
Created 2009-11-20
Last Modified 2009-11-20
by 10 people.
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Description collab between me and im_bad_at_n i think its a lot better than our last collab haha but im glad i made another collab with one of my best mates on here.
edit:gold above the thwump

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I'm up for that
It is fun, and not too difficult.
Thanks for rating my map too.


nice touch with the diagonal mines =]

Faster Speed

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still a slow

agd.... this map gets 4aved from me. fun to play
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Demo Data

slow agd

Demo Data

better agd
Demo Data
once you get out of the beginning, its a cake walk
Demo Data

now is

sub 400 sorry for smpammin
Demo Data

could be sub

Demo Data

ok cool



pretty fun map. the laser+chaingun didn't do much though. 3.5 up
Demo Data


Demo Data

its editted

now enjoy and RCE


Demo Data

sorry yeah it

is i was surposed to edit it out will when i finished my next map hang on. dont rate yet

yep, impossible
Demo Data

Yeah, I think so

I'm pretty sure

the gold behind that thwump is impossible to get

ok demo i guess

Demo Data


I don't think I liked the circling enemies but the tiles inside were nice
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slow demo

I liked the way u used the zap seeekrs but they were too easy to avoid.... and the rocket caught me off gaurd
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