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Author ultimatereading
Tags 50th action author:ultimatereading gold map mines rated
Created 2009-11-19
Last Modified 2009-11-26
by 18 people.
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Description sorry to submit so many in one day but im proud to say this
50th map!!!!!
I think ive improved a lot since i first joined. ded to all my friends such as jawbit, ZTHING, fbf, Im_bad_at_n and everyone else. p.s on my profile it says 49 but its actually my 50th

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the gold placement is very nice except for just a couple, but other than that very good

excelent tiles. i give it a nice 4
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Hee hee, I'm playing on your avatar.
Ho ho, now I'm AG'ing your avatar.
Ha ha, now I-... Stupid floorguard
Great map, gold placement was wonderful
All gold completion in my first try, but I wasn't recording a demo, and 7 tries after that couldn't satisfy :(

Congrats on 50th


stool! yeah, i know him. i rated most of his maps. i cant belive how good he is is and he only has 7 maps!


cheers is it faved?


your last three maps are awesome. this one is by far my fav though. no DD though ZTHING makes me look bad :D
ill be away for the weekend :)


some great stuff in here, great tiles, and the objects go great with them. Happy 50!

hope you dont

mind, but this map [] is getting sniped and he just got back after a years absence.


everyone once again 4/5 haha

NIce tiles

and the flow is amazing. Well done.

Fairly solid gameplay.


would be a 4
but i will 5 cause im nice ;)

wow amazing

AGD miststalker


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mate sorry to be a pain

Copy and paste the info from the link into your profile and it will link to this map.

Here []

it won't work

Just read this guide [] and it will show you how to make links and other stuff like pictures, bold text and other cool stuff.

Whoops, messed up. Just tak out the spaces:

50th Map

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50th Map []

woo thanks

mate so pleased i made it i think its really good as well ;) glad you liked it

speedrun instead

A fitting 50th. One of, if not your best, maps. There, now it's rated.
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mate hope it gets rated ;)

. . .
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hold on I will AGD
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Happy 50th. I will play it now.......


loved that freaking floor guard.


Way better than my 50th, that's for certain (especially the tiles, very nice). Congrats on 50 man =]

ideas will come back to you eventually, They always do. ^^

it is

im out of ideas anyway really pleased with this map though


hope that your last map moves off the page , otherewise youll have to delist it.


mate on 50th pretty amazing map as well. well balanced i think its your best.