first and only mini map

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading map rated small
Created 2009-10-30
Last Modified 2009-10-30
by 9 people.
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Description I think this is terrible if it gets no attension in 10mins im delisting it. ded to GRN

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dont really like getting back (maybe im just bitchin because it was hard ;) but i liked the mine positioning, idk why they lookd good

pretty bad agd
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mini map :) 4
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the rockets were nice, but it was pretty difficult. Sold 4 map
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lol sorry im sooo stupid :D

Much better. The gameplay is freed up better. But you seem to have forgot the ninja. >.<

Well I would remove the thwumps and see how it plays then. If it is too boring, add them back in, but carefully. Simple is always better, remember. ;)



wat u want me to

take out cause i want it to be great so please tell :)

attension actually, from what the description says ;)

The rockets were well used and but added with the thwumps in a tiny space, it just became too overwhelming. Overall ,a solid first mini map I guess.

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