I Finished The Map

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob finish-this-map furry-ant playable puzzle-action-hybrid rated
Created 2010-01-19
Last Modified 2010-01-20
by 7 people.
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Description Conclusion to my Finish This Map!!!! [] challenge.

Thanks everyone for your great ideas, however, in the end I decided that I should just man up and finish my own map myself instead of relying on others. This map is dedicated to furry ant for his Wonderland (冬) [] which was a great minimalistic and elegant take on the original map.

I was very pleased with how well the response to this was! Runner ups include Cruror Vult [] by Palemoon, 4:30 [] by Bufar and Hold Still [] by Toasters. The quality of the maps overall was very high however and the decision was tough! Thanks for participating everyone and check out some of the other submissions by looking through the "finish-this-map" tag (15 in all)

Also please let me know if you'd like to be notified if I decide to hold such a challenge again! I can give you a comment to let you know if that's the case!

-Evil Bob

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I might try something like that xD

loved it.



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im gonna kill somebody once i finished this level...

5/5 =)
i missed out on the first one :p


Sorry! Fixed that!

lol what's wrong fury and anyway? xD

Oh by the way, you spelt my name wrong in the description and the tags. Haha (:

Aha, thanks man. This is pretty damn awesome. fived.


Not quite sure if that can be used to go faster though.
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Slow AGD

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Epic concepts, really enjoyed this map, and usually I hate puzzles!



Epic concepts, really enjoyed this map, and usually I hate puzzles!


Hah thanks

yeah I'll let you know for sure :D
It's not really a classic Evil Bob map, but it's still really fun. The whole thing with the floorguard was cool too. I really liked the use of those teleporters. All gold was really fun to get. The map wasn't full on, so it allowed for a slow and steady all gold. Really cool map.

Oh, and can I be notified, too?
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It wasn't bad

I just couldn't feel the flow and have since been tired of those types of linear races as I've played a ton of them. Thanks for making it though :D


did you atleast enjoy mine? :P

Sure, definitely. I'll play it now.

I can let you know

if I have another one. yes? (I don't want to spam people who don't want it >_<)

What a cool idea.