Palm of Twisted

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel palm rated twisted
Created 2010-01-24
Last Modified 2010-07-01
by 8 people.
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Description The only thing that ever was... the most impossible Palm of the Twisted.

Inspired by furry, jawbit. Thanks to every friend I have here on NUMA, specially Sunset, WBC, Fusion, n0_ma11y, and shadow

Keep mappin guys!!

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i found this by clicking the suprise me button

I love this level.

Always coming back to it. AGD for anyone who reads this.
Demo Data

Thanks for the ded.

I love the compactness of this level, and the sweet as tileset. Palm trees always get my vote.

The first area with the gauss/thwump combo is enjoyable, a bit short though. I liked its fluency nevertheless. The trap door/ button mechanic was great, and that last jump to the door is really tene. But in a good way =)

Lovin it =D

I see.

I almost forgot this :P

once again []
our collab

(ignore the link)
i dicided to delist and relist it later... it was at place 7 after 5 min...

our collab []

thanks for another /perfect/ map :D
but i didn't put NFight images in it, it would not fit... and i can't make them turn... you see? the one rocketer has to look right, the other left

5* btw

its sort of a

"recount" of all the things i have gained to like at numa... and there is something Ive learnt from all of you guys. Im just thanking you cos i appreciate it :)
4/5.. But I'm kinda wondering what effect I had on this map...

Cool thanks. ;)

thats cool

I tried making a palm tree before, it didn't work out :P Thanks for the ded

THANKS blue one :)

AGD is too hard for me
- whats with the collab?

speed :)
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guess im not special to you no more just when I made you a ded map ah well you dont always win but nice anyway


the rocket just didn't work for me. other than that, pretty good.3.5 ^

Just a bit of everything I like