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Author Seneschal
Tags apt apt5 author:seneschal evolution stage6 unrated
Created 2010-02-13
Last Modified 2010-05-28
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Description WARNING: This map is very long and pretty difficult.

For Apt, because nothing else fits.

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but I don't get why you had to look down on my map. We are all equal.

They weren't

Glad you like it :D

Death demo.

Were the lasers static before? I can't remember. Either way, I like this a lot.
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Woop Woop!
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Hopefully it's a little more open ended now.
You could fix that by NaNing them all, but you'd have to spend a little more time deciding where to place them for optimum range and such.

Also, i would've liked a path that i could see clearly without having to stop playing, but if that was your intention im not trying to bash your creative flow or anything.

here is your ded,

for your agd a while back.

Interesting map.

Reminds me of one of ZivilynBane's maps. I liked the inherent danger in approaching the laggy lasers, and the tileset was appropriately disorienting. I would have liked this be more open ended however.
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Unfortunately the amount of enemies lags the shooting time of each. Ambitious map, though. I have a feeling that I'm going to play it off-and-on for the next few hours.


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but here's how far i've gotten so far.
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but addictive. very good idea only to use lasers, although gp sometimes lags due to the sheer number of drones...

p.s.: will I get a ded anytime?

oh shit

15 lasers?!?!

you've outdone yourself

Oh yeah

There are 15 lasers :3