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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot featured krill no-one-died rated repelling
Created 2010-07-19
Last Modified 2010-07-19
by 20 people.
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Description So I went on a super sexy repelling trip a week ago and decided to make a map based off my favorite cliff of the trip. Krill. :3

The one-ways are like a repelling rope, you know.

This map was featured on 2013-02-28

Descending from the wonderful cliff edge, and even before then, a thirst for gold besieges all who notices such wealth hanging from the ceiling. Many are enticed by such easy pickings and choose to lunge after it, soon to discover a laser drone entering the vast, spilling cavern. Pinning his foes against the walls with great ease, one must make haste when racing against an expertly located enemy. Remember to mind the drop. — APulse

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It plays well but feels a little rough around he edges.

or bold and go.
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Thanks everyone, I always loved this one. :)

oh cool

I'd faved this already. I love when that happens.


Was going to feature this

Speedrun. Nice!
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good spudz, good apulse



Demo Data

very good

That type of gameplay with a single laser is rare and quite a treat. Good job.

First try AGD.

Really nice map.
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It's near-impossible to time a laser properly to satisfy every single player out there.

or is it?

the ninja is perfectly timed.*
but the middle section is disappointingly trivial. The top-left corner is great, and so is the bottom section - the laser was perfectly timed.


Blackson was spot on. And I was just wondering where the hell you were.


great gameplay, looks amazing, interesting structure and a very cool concept. -faved-
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Skyler Bradly

works for a network of pedophiles. He is payed by commission.


I knew he was just my friend to find out all my dark secrets then tell pedophiles over the internet! Why does this always happen.


Skyray totally

double-agent-ed you and told me.

*but yes,

Utah sucks. No one can pronounce anything right therefore I cant spell anything right. >_> Im too lazy to edit though.

And yes Blackson, Mormon trip. Mostly Boy Scout but with yes a touch of Mormon just for you. ;P

you make real life rapelling trips into maps. you're awesome. <3

cool map thougthgfygfufjhgcfhg

"The one-ways are like a repelling rope, you know."

And this is great.

The object placement was spot on other than that floorguard in the bottom left corner. The gold was begging to be grabbed and it was quick action with a laser (which is rare).

Good job.
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Wow thanks guys. :)

I agree about the floorgaurd. I considered changing it but didnt think it was that bad but now I wish I did haha.

Anyway, thanks for demos.
AGD. Perfect laser. 5.
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this demo is more sexy, but I'm not sure how much faster I can go.
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faster agd

really nice though, really. 4/5 high, I wish we had .5 ratings.
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my only criticism, which is super slight, but I feel like I need to say anyways, is that the bottom floorgaurd is really fucking tight. It's manageable though I guess.
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play the n.
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Thanks spudz.

Good map, /loved/ getting the gold. Nice laser path too. Concept was brilliantly executed, and it looked really nice.

Almost AGD.
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God dammit

I can't beat it bro ;_; I need a demo.