Tonight The World Dies

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Author _destiny^-
Tags a7x author:_destiny^- destiny nightmare playable race rated
Created 2010-10-20
Last Modified 2010-10-20
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description I haven't had an abstract attack for quite a while, so enjoy this one! Playtested by ChrisE.

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Very nice...
I disliked the 4 tile though



parts were poor, parts were blowing my mind.

Let me teach you a lesson in failing.
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Sub 900

Schooled your NReality run (by 34 frames)
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As well as the jump into the top right section following the bouncies. Currently have the fastest on nreality now :)
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Well I liked it in some ways lol. But overall not bad. 4/5

Dream Theater is/was my favorite band...i'm gonna miss em. :(

Really enjoyed it

not as much of a race pioneer nowadays, but this was pretty awesome
Going to see them on nov 4th :D

Avenged Sevenfold?

I might take a look into them now that they have Mike Portnoy as their drummer.

R.I.P Dream Theater that I knew and loved... ;___;


I love you.

I wish I had as much inspiration as you. Really creative path.

Very creative and very nice. I especially loved the second diagonal launchpad and the bounceblock rebound.



i like mine dodger lvl's specially this one . 5!
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Slower than yours

but I'm liking it :)
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I would have made it longer, but with it being as tough as it is I decided that extending it would result in a frustrating experience for the player.
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