Mom's Knife

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Author kyozo_43
Tags 2 author:kyozo_43 fetus knife little sheol unrated
Created 2012-06-19
Last Modified 2012-06-19
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Map Data

Description In Style.
I am in a tileset-stealing-blocky-puzzles mood.
Sort of a hard puzzle.
Base Tileset [] taken from mc_george []

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Like this.

Change 0.5 in every drone to whatever speed you would like. :)

Oh wow.

The thumbnail didn't change.
Sunset, look at lsudny's demo.
lsudny, yeah wat?


I've mostly finished the userbars but i'm having trouble with getting a clean final result (going from illustrator vectors - > photoshop pixels with no background -> gifs). I'm getting the transparency but white pixels appear on the edge that kinda ruin it, so I might still be a while with it, if i'm a faiirrrr while I might just give you + others what i've got (with the shitty white pixels haha) but i'll avoid that as long as possible because if i do that it'll be hard work trying to convince myself i need to do anything more haha. Just updating youuuuu
it was available on sidke's firefox plugin, THUMBS, but i'm not sure if it still works (probably not).


Demo Data
and the theme must involve CATS!


Demo Data


If anyone sees this map ... how do you get it to show NReality backgrounds/foregrounds in the thumbnail?