The Empress of Babylon

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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 go iii justice sun the unrated
Created 2012-06-20
Last Modified 2012-06-20
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Map Data

Description Not a puzzle. Flowy if you follow the gold.
Tileset [] by Losttortuga []

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i think

it's all good! we should sub it - do you want to submit it or should i?
how did you get that custom title haha

i like

where the collab is going! i like the idea of the challenges as well, they're pretty tough. i'm not a fan of gold being wedged in the tiles, but since it's for a challenge, it's alright.

Oh, sorry! I guess I was sleepy.. D:

Those triggers are annoying.. ._.
Such map is possible, but you need more space for those lasers, you know?

those mines tell you the needed area. you need 3x1 + 1x1 so the tile drones can move.. an area trigger could be used to make the lasers on/off.

Agreed with Aidiera

This tileset is so much! And you have ruined it a bit,, sorry
But I love you and some of your maps and ideas,,
I'll check our collab!!

here's some tiles


Sorry Aidiera.

I'm not the best mapper.


This tileset deserves better gameplay.
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