Facepalm Mute

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon dedication flowy race rated
Created 2012-07-13
Last Modified 2012-07-13
by 6 people.
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Description So, I disappeared after numa had gone down. I gave up, started with my life and decided, you know what, I wonder if numa has made a comeback yet. I checked, and sure enough, here it is.

I'm back, off and on, working a lot so I don't get much time to do anything. As you can tell, the map looks like crap. I didn't want to focus too much on the aesthetics of the map, just the flow to get myself back into the groove.

Hope you guys enjoy it, I've definitely missed mapping.

Dedicated to my old buddies that I dont see too much of anymore.
yungerkid, destiny, b3njamin, bunniesandsheep, and rit.

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Felt a little bumpy

I'm honored for the ded though <3

Welcome back!! :D


my protoss brother

Flow wasn't clear at all, which isn't a bad thing. Neat vertical tunnel.

Welcome back.



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Demo Data

Welcome back!


Demo Data


Not too long. Didn't want to make it really long, its just a startup map again. Enjoy :)
Demo Data