55-1: Coeur de Pirate

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-09-23
Last Modified 2012-09-23
by 16 people.
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Description Twenty-Seventh Bean,
All the thanks to lsudny for the tiles.

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nope, project P00 is a secret.

You've absolutely make the collab ( evolve! I didn't think it needs to change, so i left it as it is.

I see your gameplay has improved a lot! Better map testing skills bring better maps ^^

What about "Tequila" as map title? This map consumes as fast as a tequila shot, but it affects pretty fast.
Completion demo. Liking the tiles.
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I read 'ihhow JG' in tiles.


Very fun again :D
Bean collected.
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:O As you said the bean's not worth it! :P
Fun map ;) Ill get AGD nevertheless, but not right now, im busy ;)
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Demo Data

haha, I don't really know Xerces,, Thank you. ;)


...faster Speed Run...

...i like this map, there good mines to dodge and also that floor guard dodge is nice, the tiles are sweet, and its a short map but not too short...


...zoas where is your signature on this one?
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Thank you very much for the constructive criticism, Aidiera.
Oh yes, the Bean not worth it. Sorry.
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...where is your signature on this one?...

oh cool.


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there are some tiles that are meant to be looked at, not played on. It's too annoying for me to maneuver through a small space filled with mines
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