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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune dda kradda rated rocket thwump
Created 2013-01-18
Last Modified 2013-07-12
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description 21 times rocket passes through tiles.
I have a dream to make a KRADDA/CTRDDA that gets featured someday. Have to make something really good than this one.

BTW, enjoy!!
And, do rate!!

EDIT: And this dream came true on 24th June, 2013 when Repercussion [] got featured and again on 8th July, 2013 when Paranormaal Trooper [] got featured .

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230071 sr

Request sent!

It'd be an easier way to get in contact with me, for I check it when I can.

you are in

streetsahead massive dedication on his 50th map!


Guess what!!!

I became a reviewer!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know what that means? wait a while, and i will end up reviewing your great cradda map some time soon. I will get everyone to appreciate it, i just have to wait and make sure i dont feature a map that is new

probably this helps

DDA´s are nice DDA´s are cool but the gold delay on the bottom side is slightly uncool.


I know it´s k

but it´s still to much to be perfect.


That type of gold delay is acceptable because it is used as a form of propulsion, same thing applies to putting it over thwumps. The way to abuse it is when it is over trap-doors and launchpads.

(Enter negativ word which ryme with cool)


DDA´s are nice DDA´s are cool but the gold delay on the bottom side is just .


@coldcut, even I think "Please don't tease.." was better, because it was ctr and this one is kra.
@1211, thnx for rating. but i didn't exactly understand what is jumpy?
@meanapple, it means a lot to me. :)

wow awesome. but u shud say that u have to press 1. for noobs like me who dont know. well for me it only works when i press 1 first. anyway 5/5 altho i liked dont tease the rocket better
Too jumpy for me, but it was fine. 3.5/5
Im free whenever you want if u still think we should edit ;)


real thanks

for compliment and for including my map. :)


I faved your other cradda, the one everyone called chuck norris :D
55555555555/5. unfortunately they dont feature craddas that often, but maybe they will change their mind.

Also, you submited a map to me for parkour and puzzle laboratories mappack. I edited minor things, and the mappack is complete. I sent it to zoasbe for playtesting and i should publish the pack sometime soon in the next few days. Congrats, your "run like no one is watching map" is one of the 7 or so maps featured in the pack by other people!