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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune ctr ctrdda curve dda kradda rated
Created 2013-02-21
Last Modified 2013-04-17
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Hello, everyone! I am back with another of my CTRDDA : "Groovilicious"!!

It has been beatifuly carved out with only using curved tiles; with an exception of a couple of 5-tiles (wait, are they simple tiles or something else? You will find out.)

You are surely gonna love this CTR. Worked extra hard for the tileset part. If you want, you can see the history of this map here []

Do rate, and also do tell which was your favorite part. Personally, I liked the bottom right Thwump part the most. :)

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I loved this map! It is freaking awesome! Great job man! Good looks, groovilicious!


thanks for watching. i would like to see you make a non-kradda


this map is so cool!. the rocket just keeps on going :O

But I have a question hoe did you make the ninja go inside the 5 tile?


I gave out the wrong pack dude! P&P was the older version... in case you are interested i put the actual version on the post :( just a few extra maps


one of your maps is in P&P laboratories :D


that was pretty cool.

only 6 rates?

it needs more.

i'd agree with you, the bottom right was clifty-standard.

here's a rate.

your in!

cant wait to do some cool collabs!
if you get or use irc, join #wafflesoup



I disliked the bottom left, but the ending was a blast. 4.5/5v

o your welcome

lol i sent u a message before reading your thanks comment XD

And yeah, I have a 3-way kradda planned for 100, called a journey through time, and each person gets a ded. I just am not sure if there are enough close calls... :/ but I am also releasing Parkour and Puzzle Laboratories on my 100th map, me and zoas need to finish up editting the maps

(I think your map is in it? The run like no ones watching? I had to edit it a bit, but it is still your featured map)
you make them so quick


You're really ept at making such ddas!
I liked to see the ninja breeze through the top right area.

Well, I think the dda is sluggish.
I'd be fabulous if there were a dda in accelerated-underclock mode.
5aved. and my underclock doesn't work... its stuck on 99.

ps. my favorite part was the bottom. I lOVED Going under that tunnel thingy were it was all clumped!