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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune ctr ctrdda dda featured hrctrdda rated tileset
Created 2013-02-12
Last Modified 2017-10-09
by 39 people.
Map Data

Description Presenting before you all, Repercussion. My latest and, so far, the best CTRDDA. It is not just a CTRDDA but also a HRCTRDDA; Hold Right Chase The Rocket DDA. Maybe the first one you might have seen.

Made with 77 doors, 66 bounce-blocks, 33 gold pieces, 11 thwumps, 1 glitched tile, 1 ninja, 1 rocket and 1 launch-pad, Repercussion takes you to an amazing journey.

Real thanks to 1211 [] for helping me with the tileset.
Hope you all really enjoy it!! Cheers!!

Edit: Thanks to ChrisE for the feature!
Edit2: Thanks for nominating it for the Dronies!
Edit3: If you face some issue playing this, use a preloader map like 190089 [])

This map was featured on 2013-06-24

I have next to no patience when it comes to mapping. Whack down some tiles, throw on some objects, neaten it up a bit and hey presto.

Mohit_Ghune is the complete opposite of me. I've never seen anything quite like this map, and the amount of time that must have gone into it boggles my mind.

So yeah. Chase the rocket. You won't blow up, but your mind will be blown. — ChrisE

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Mohit, this level is not functioning properly


I never realised it had a glitched tile, or that a pre-loader was recommended. I can't even seem to replicate the issue anymore... weird :/

ska: it has a glitched tile, as the description says... it will have different collision depending on previous map loaded. Use a preloader, like 190089


I just meant that there's a glitch where sometimes you will be killed by the rocket (as RandomDigits alluded to earlier in this map's comment thread.)
Playing this DDA in NED seemed to fix it, but I'm not sure if that was truly the catalyst, or whether it was just a coincidence.
if you die, try playing it in NED. That fixed it for me... weird...

its reply though late(sry) in rajasthan


my jaw hit the floor
I just think its time to move on and post my higher-quality maps in a better archive, and take a little chill from NUMA.

I'm still glad to see you! :)

holy shit the ninja was so close to the rocket throughout the whole thing

Oh nice!

I can see it now!
But how did people get demos in Nreality then?
Even the demos in Nreality die at 1025 frames

Sub-1800 AGD

Messed up the ending.
Really awesome DDA, btw.
Demo Data

cool! congrats on your first feature :D

I am amazing...

I got this AGD on the first try.
Demo Data


:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

This DDA is so good

I wish I'd never rated another DDA 5 so this could be the first


nice feature

I look forward... seeing this map in the 2013 Dronies!
yes yes yes yes yes/yes yes yes faved yes

dda's keep getting more innovative and better. 5/5/5/5/5/555555555
Trap door propulsion got a little tiring but still a solid 5 from me

the rocket is like

we could do a three way collab, mohit :D

ahem. trance.

read the comment below yours. Although go ahead, you are probably a way better dda collaber than me lol XD
Want to use the other data I gave you?


I don't know what else to say. One day I will feature one of your dda maps, hopefully. Maybe in like a month or two. Great work. 5/5

And you up for a dda collab sometime? pm me if you are interested ;)

This was amazing.

You are a fantastic DDA artist. 5aved.


that shit cray

holy fuck. 5aved

Thought this was really well constructed and smooth, and though I'm not a fan of KRAs and CTRs, the HR touch was well done. 5/5 from me.

pretty cool.