Hillside Guardians

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Author Nexx
Tags action author:nexx image-map imagemap moa-reject nreality rated
Created 2013-07-27
Last Modified 2013-07-27
by 6 people.
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Description MOA reject [], with imagework added. Thanks to yungerkid for the tileset!

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I saw your comment on lifdoff's map. Actually, sidke has taken over the NReality server and maybe other things related to it too, a few settings got lost during the switch, and that could be the problem here...
But one of the images (the one for the tiles) is sadly broken. :(

28 frames better

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snipers. ;c


Definitely a good map in the first place, but the upper gold really sold it for me.
Gauss chamber was a nice touch, too!


I may make a few more, but not really. It takes too long for me to make maps (an hour or more per), and it's just generally not that fulfilling relative to all the other things I could be doing with my time.

Your maps really don't disappoint --- the upper gold especially was splendid. Will you be making more maps once you clear out the moa rejects?


5 from me
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@mordent: Yeah, the exit placement is unforgiving. I probably should've moved it to the right some, but oh well.

Decent gameplay and image. Faved.
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as evidenced by this
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Great picture, looks really smooth.
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but I recently changed to black
Fast AGD:
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