Hell Yeah

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru highwaytohell perplex playable rated
Created 2013-08-06
Last Modified 2013-08-06
by 7 people.
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Description Been some time since my last map. This is mostly for getting things rolling again and not being the pot calling the cattle back, when yelling at lsudny for having stopped mapping. :D
Tagged as perplex, cause I know I'm too lazy to make a more puzzlish map.

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It's still not a puzzle =(


This one should be at least in first three maps chosen for numacon.
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congrats! :3

holy ****

you looked death in the eye, like literally xD

come on haha

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.... what

haha. Someone explain? must be the same as that laser glitch.
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And its nice to see you dude

slow SR

fun to speed
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Sooo great.

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we can make a collab for subdark, if this will make you happy.

have a 5. <3