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Author Nexx
Tags action author:nexx collab ie ie-collab iodineenvy unrated
Created 2014-01-14
Last Modified 2014-01-14
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Description Collab with IodineEnvy []! The dude knows how to make good tiles! :D

The title is in relation to this other map called Marvel [].

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Great map.

Nice tiles, nice atmosphere, interesting and effective use of enemies, fun to speedrun (though I'm awful at it) and very replayable.


I lowered that bounceblock enough that a full jump would get you over it, but it's still close sometimes; I should've lowered it more. However, i'm not going to edit it now, since it's a small edit and it'd break demos now.
very cool map, I didn't like only one thing:
that bastard bounce block was placed perfectly to stop Ninja from manoeuvring properly. :(
I hope you could fix it...
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Wonderful map! You two work very well in a pair. Beautiful tiles and he rockets were placed well. Very well done indeed.
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I think you posted the wrong demo. It just shows you diving into the mine at the start.


nice map!
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Love the map, had a pretty decent agd, but died getting to the exit. Nexx is a very good author and this turned out great.
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I think it turned out pretty well.

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