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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx everbeam lasers nreality objectmod puzzle unrated
Created 2013-12-30
Last Modified 2013-12-31
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NReality puzzle mapping spree! :D

This is the long overdue sequel to EverBeam 0 - An Introduction []. It's a pretty good puzzle, so don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

I know it lags a bit, but I really liked this setup!

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slow agd
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Don't belittle yourself, I think you're a great mapper and this is coming along nicely.

link []
Make discussing a bit easier?
Also, I have a bunch, but preferably area triggers, one way flipping or an ever beam rework.

Demo is up.

Would you like to collab with me? I can mod like no tomorrow but I can't make good puzzles for shit.

close to sub-1400

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close to sub-1400

Demo Data
but I will find them and use them...
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Good edits.

Maybe the mines aren't as necessary now.
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I really love this

The concept and execution is perfect. I'm just terrible at puzzle maps. Clever idea!
Edited in the one-ways you wanted. Sorry! You keep having good ideas! I should run my maps by you before I post them! ;)

New AGD:
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to help speed up the demos. Pretty clever though.


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I did my best to make sure this wasn't cheatable, and most of it isn't, but there are two parts where a skilled player might be able to skip some of the map 5-10% of their tries.