The Gauntlet

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Author Nexx
Tags action author:nexx chainguns fn moa-accepted unrated
Created 2013-10-26
Last Modified 2013-10-26
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Though us ninjas have found most of the gold there is to find in these lands, there are still some treasures waiting to be found in the dark and dangerous corners of the world.

MOA accepted, though themed up a bit for Fright Night. Original: link []

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rework :D

Hello sir.

From now until eternity, please use the thread to ask for review dates. []


This is fun. The difficulty was good, it was almost puzzley at the top trying to figure out the best way past all the chainguns. The gold was well placed in dangerous spots, and the overall layout of the map is pleasing. A solid 4 from me.
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awesome map

those 3 chainguns put up a nice challenge and the tiles look neat. your maps are really good. you should map more often.
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I used to love that genre back then :D


the 5-tile squeeze has been around for a while, it's always been one of my favorite quirky mechanics. i had never seen it used to amplify a jump back up though, so i made a little puzzle out of it. i still have plans to incorporate that trick into a larger jumper map some day, if i ever get around to it... it has such great potential for puzzles/jumpers. thanks for the reference though, i think i remember playing this a while back! there are a few other solid maps that incorporate this squeeze, but i can't quite remember them.

thank you!

glad you enjoy it :)


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1 frame, macro!

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sub-500 speedrun

cool map!
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AGD is harder, but not by a whole lot.

The two pieces of gold above the trapdoor make an AGD a lot harder to get than a completion. You really have to plan out your approach to the gauntlet section.

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